Une histoire lapinesque

A rabbit-ish story

There are encounters that turn a life upside down, and Rabbits World was born from one of those.
It all started in 2015, as I was still a plastic artist, I (literally) crossed Elvis’ path (♪ Love me, tender, love me true… ♫; no, not that Elvis).
This little injured baby rabbit, who was only a few days old, was waiting there on the side of the road. The vet’s prognosis was not good, but I did everything in my power and managed to save him. I bottle-fed him, looked after him, massaged him, gave him his medicine… This is how I got to know him and love him (and vice versa).
As I did not manage to return him to the wild, I made him a (nice) place in my house, my garden and Grandpa’s vegetable garden. However, when I started to look for toys or furniture for him, I realized that this kind of products were only offered to other species and that none of them were specifically designed for rabbits. That’s when I got the idea to create an online store exclusively for little scuts.
With my artistic background, I obviously started by offering clothes and accessories created by myself. But I wanted to do more. I then turned to animal protection and became a foster family, then I adopted other rabbits from associations and shelters… Quickly, I had to rearrange the house for all these little people!
And it became obvious: if the products I was dreaming of were not yet available, why not offer them myself? I got in touch with a carpenter near me, I started to design wooden furniture for long-eared pets: hay racks, houses, urban burrow, rabbit maze…

And of course, from the very beginning, Mr. Elvis has invested a lot of time and effort in this firm, carefully testing each prototype before its commercialization. I can assure you that he still takes this role very seriously!

Year after year, the website grows, and I continue to learn more about this wonderful species. The products you will find here are carefully chosen by me to meet the needs of your long-eared babies.
Alongside this activity, I want information about our lagomorphs to be more accessible: the team that I gathered around me and myself set up a directory of specialized veterinarians and collaborate with them on topics covered in videos on the YouTube channel or the Facebook group of Rabbits World in order to provide you with reliable, updated and complete information on the questions you may have.

A team passionate about rabbits

At the beginning of 2022, Rabbit’s World is :
– a team of 7 passionate and rabbit lovers: Anaïs (who manages the social media and your orders with me), Florine (who takes care of the graphic design and communication), Valérie and Aurélien (who prepare your packages), Aurélie (who writes the informative articles of the website), John (who helps me with everything and lovingly endures to hear about rabbits from morning to night) and myself, Vivienne (who speaks, lives and breathes rabbit), and dozens of rabbits (because yes, every member of the team owns at least one rabbit and they are as much a part of Rabbit’s World as their humans!),
a Facebook group of 6,500 members including exotic vets to answer all your questions,
– an online store with 210 products especially dedicated to our rabbits (and many more will arrive soon!),
– a YouTube channel of 20 videos on various subjects (but always related to our pets), led by veterinarians in a complete, popularized and detailed way,
– free directories listing specialized veterinarians in order to locate them quickly and allow you to offer the best possible care to your companion, as well as boarding houses, shelters and associations dedicated to rabbits,
– a guide listing vegetables, herbs, and fruits so you know which ones to give and which ones not to, and in what quantities.
Of course, we have many projects for the future, in order to always better help and satisfy our wonderful friends, but this is still confidential. So, in order not to miss anything and to be informed in advance of all our novelties, subscribe quickly to our newsletter or to our Facebook page!

About Vivienne

Vivienne Maun graduated from the Fine Arts of the city of Saint-Etienne (France), and became a sculptor and animal photographer, indeed the animal was the central theme of her work.

In 2010, she created a Bestiary totally made of papier-mâché which she exhibited for many years at the Maison & Objet show in Paris. It is on this occasion that she became a member of the Ateliers d’Art de France which federates more than 6000 craftsmen throughout France.

In 2012, her second passion, photography and primates, was rewarded with a silver medal at the festival of animal photography in Montier en Der (France)

But it is a little rabbit that changed her life in 2015. This encounter brought Vivienne to her first love, drawing and creation. Elvis became the muse of a collection ranging from cushions to tote bags. But the little seed had germinated…

Why not create a store entirely dedicated to the world of lagomorphs? The bet was daring but the adventure seemed obvious to Vivienne