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Top 10 Rabbit Accessories

Here are the Top 10 rabbit accessories that you must absolutely have for your rabbit! These are essential accessories for Rabbits, such as a brush. Rabbits World has decided to make them available at your Rabbit’s Concept Store.  Whether it is for hay, brushing or bedding, there is only one watchword: QUALITY.

1- Crau’s Hay

This is the best French hay, with AOC appellation, 100% natural, sun-dried and no added chemicals. It is produced and cultivated in the French tradition. This hay is recommended for rabbits with delicate digestive tracts and for real gourmets.

Crau’s Hay

Price: €8.30 per 1 kg bag

2- The Foolee brush

The essential brush for your rabbits. As each moult can be tough to remove, regular and deep brushing is essential to avoid any stop in transit. Note that the Foolee brush removes up to 90% of dead bristles. The brush is guaranteed for life.

The Foolee Brush

Price: €24.90

3- The hay bag

The hay anti-waste bag will cling in different ways to your home. With a suction cup system, there is no need to make holes in your walls. This way you put in the desired amount of hay and your rabbit can nibble on whatever it wants. The hay bag is a handcrafted creation sewn in France. You can choose between different fabrics.

The Hay Bag

Price: €24.90

4- The reversible plush cushion

This is the best-seller of yourrabbit’s Concept Store. An incredibly soft cushion for your rabbits’ long naps. It’s machine washable and has discreet coloring. It will easily find its place in your home.

The reversible plush cushion

Price: €19.90



5- The transport box with double openings

Its two openings make this transport box very practical because if your rabbit is reluctant to enter through the door, you can simply put it in through the top opening which has more scope. In short, two solutions are always better than one!

The transport case with double openings

Price: €32


6- The magic glove

This is a good alternative to traditional brushing. For all rabbits who can’t stand brushes, the caresses with the magic glove will be much more pleasant. With its 180 silicone pimples, this glove gently removes dead fur. It’s also suitable for cats or dogs.

The magic glove

Price: €7.90


7- The fake fur blanket

As rabbits like to take long naps, this fake fur blanket will give them softness and tenderness. It’s 100% guaranteed fake fur and machine washable at 30°.

The fake fur blanket

Price: €25.90



8- The hay basket

Thanks to the hay basket, you can finally store your hay in a stylish and original container. No more plastic bags!

The hay basket

Price: €25.90


9- The folding carry bag

This transparent carrying bag is foldable, saving you significant space. It can be carried either by hand or as a shoulder strap. Its transparency allows your rabbit to look outside and you can watch out for your animal.

The folding carry bag

Price: €56


10- The cocoon

For the quiet resting moments of your rabbit, here is “the cocoon”. Your rabbit will be able to snuggle in and spend the long winter months in warmth.

The cocoon

Price: €31.90


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