Top 5 jewels, rabbit trend

Jewelry remains the finishing touch to any look, here is a selection of 5 trendy and original pieces of jewelry that are among the best of the Rabbits Concept Store. So for all rabbit lovers, dare to openly show your love for them.

1- The Diamond Bunny ring

A magnificent and timeless ring, sublimated by pretty shines. It’s a ring that remains discreet. Thanks to its adjustability, you can wear it on any finger. Charming and glamorous, it will elegantly polish all your looks, whether they are chic or more casual.

Price: €12.90

2- The White Rabbit necklace

Are you still looking for the white rabbit? It hangs around your neck! Fanciful and discreet at the same time, this timeless necklace will elegantly complete all your outfits. And for the cute little touch, the pompom is suspended from the necklet. 😉


Price: €12.90


3- The Bohemian bracelet

This bracelet is the favorite of the Rabbits Concept Store since it comes from the USA and was entirely handmade by an American craftsman. With its incredible refinement and design, this bohemian style jewel is “the” must-have piece in your jewelry box. This brass bracelet with an aluminum rabbit will fit all wrists.

Price: €34.90


4- The Guizo saltire watch

This necklace representing a pretty rabbit is not just a necklace, it is also a pocket watch. The notion of time is reminiscent of the story of Alice in Wonderland, so why not fall in love with this vintage and bohemian jewel? To be offered as a gift to all rabbit lovers!

Price: €18.90



5- The small Origami bracelet

This is 7Bis’ beautiful brass bracelet for all rabbit lovers. This fanciful jewelry, trendy and glamorous shows off a small rabbit head in origami style. Find the necklace in the same collection.

Price: €16.90

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