Rabbits Well-being

Tips to build a Rabbit enclosure

As rabbit enthusiasts, we all know now that living in a cage is totally absurd.

The rabbit is a curious, lively little animal, who loves to discover hiding places, who likes to sprint on carpets. In short, the rabbit is an active animal that has absolutely nothing to do locked up all day in a cage.

So I suggest you imagine an alternative to cages because I am aware however that some loulou tend to nibble. So I imagine the stress that it can be to go to school or work with the fear of falling back to his apartment or house in lint on his return. Just to tell you that with some tools and a little imagination it is possible to make yourself a pen with little means. A factor is to be taken into account, agree to give some of his own territory to his rabbit.

But then what a pleasure to go to work knowing that his little rabbit will not stay all day to mope. Here are some pens that I have selected, some are very complex and ask for good DIY skills, but I made myself a pen for my Choupette and I managed all alone like a big with cleats, roasting and squares.

Then with some boards, you can make bridges because our friends with big ears love to be high, they will also have tunnels to hide and cabins with an entrance and exit. For the floor, rugs or seagrass will do the trick because the floor is not slippery. And the must, the sandbox so they can regain their original instinct that is to dig. So it’s nice to take a few ideas to the right or left to create a beautiful space for our rabbits.

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