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The 5 tips to protect your rabbit from heat

In order to ensure the constant well-being and care of your rabbit, it is important to protect it from heat. Especially during periods of strong heat wave where the rabbit is the first to suffer significant heat. Overview of 5 tips to protect your rabbit from heat.

1 – Leave your rabbit in a cool room

The first reflex to take care of your rabbit and allow him not to suffer the heat of summer is to keep him in a cool room. The temperature should be around 20 ° C. Privilege stone or tiled rooms. Avoid the parts as much as possible with carpet or parquet. Plan a place on the ground where your rabbit can spread out and enjoy the coolness of the soil. A basement could be the ideal place if you live in a house. If you want to ventilate the room, consider doing so when the outside temperature is cooler than the indoor one. In short, open shutters at night and close them during the day. This will save you from bringing in heat.

2 – Dry wet clothes to lower the room temperature

It has been proven that to lower the temperature in a room, it is possible to put clothes to dry. For example, you can wet towels or sheets and let them lie in the room. The principle is that drying, these pieces of fabric will moisten dry air and help lower the ambient temperature. Also use your fan by letting it blow on your damp cloth or a plate of water. Never let your fan blow directly on your rabbit, it could make him sick. You can also use an ice cream loaf or a bottle of iced water wrapped in a towel.

3 – Bet on wet foods for your rabbit

To take care of the rabbit and save it from heat, you can bet on wet foods. Choose fresh and moist vegetables. Always keep it close to the water, being careful that it is not too cold. Indeed, cold water or even frozen could cause intestinal damage to your rabbit. You can also give him some greenery to eat.

4 – Choose the right exit times

To take care of your rabbit by avoiding him to suffer from the heat is also to pay attention to his hours of exit. Avoid leaving your rabbit out during the hot weather, between 12h and 16h. In this case, it is best to take it out early in the morning and at the end of the day, once the temperatures have dropped. Likewise, it is best for your rabbit to walk in a shaded area rather than in direct sunlight.

5 – Moisten the body of your rabbit

This is not a question here of taking a bath to your rabbit (which is strictly forbidden), but simply to spray water at room temperature on his body. Another possibility is to put a glove of warm water on the ears of your rabbit since it is the latter that can regulate the temperature. This is especially true if your rabbit has big ears. Continue to brush your rabbit regularly with the Foolee brush to remove excess dead hair.


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