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La voie de Yuki (Yuki’s Way)

La voie de Yuki

Animal communication

Who is Irinis?

Irinis was born in French-speaking Switzerland and has always had pets.

Once she finished her studies, she began to feel that odd need to be close to their world again✨. After talking with rabbit owners, she figured that this animal shouldn’t take up too much space in a small apartment…

so she adopted Yuki✨, a little white minilop bunny who completely turned her thinking about rabbits upside down. Yuki left her an extraordinary legacy: this little dwarf rabbit, who weighed 1,5 kg, showed her the way, La voie de Yuki (Yuki’s way), breaking with every possible cliché, a world unsuspected and so disrespected by humans.

Since his disappearance, Irinis has adopted Cracotte and Princess A, 2 rabbits victims of abandonment and mistreatment situations. Her human-rabbit flat-share is still located in the French speaking part of Switzerland where she has since become a professional animal communicator and offers various practical training to help people discover rabbits.

Yuki's Way

Yuki’s Way

What is animal communication?

Irinis Siegenthaler is a Graduated Animal Communicator by the Homeboy Institute, founded by Valerie Lebon. She completed her professional training in 2020 and graduated in December 2021. During this training, Irinis developed technical and intuitive tools that allow her to make connections with animals.

Irinis Animal Communication Diploma

Irinis Animal Communication Diploma

The training allows you to learn how to communicate with animals in a soft and evolving way so that each one can, at his own pace, become aware of his capacities of connection, the whole according to a rigorous methodology that respects both the human and the animal.

Remotely, thanks to a photo of your animal, she connects to them and gives them voice, the time of a communication. Following this, she then sends you a PDF report with your questions and much more.

An animal communication is never 100% accurate, as it comes from an interpretation of the information received and what the animal wants to transmit.

A good communicator must therefore faithfully retransmit communications, give verifiable elements so that the human recognizes his animal and offer solutions or adapted references.

On the other hand, a good communicator cannot guarantee or promise anything to the animal. It is also important to specify that an animal communication NEVER replaces a veterinary consultation and that no diagnosis can be made. Indeed, an animal communication cannot solve a physical problem and cannot be assimilated with a medical diagnosis.

And for cases of behavior and lost animals, animal communication is a help but the goodwill of the animal and the human remain the main factor. Sometimes, despite all the good will of the human, the animal may decide not to cooperate because there are factors at stake inherent to the human (environmental stress, family tensions, emotional sponges of sick people, etc.). So, unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the animal will return.

Why do animal communication ?


To prepare your rabbit for different changes in his life

  • A move,
  • A baby coming into the home,
  • A new pet,
  • A visit to the vet,
  • Prepare him for surgery.

To understand a behavior problem

  • Identify a health problem.
  • Communicate with your pets when you are away from them.
  • Help them heal when they are sick so they can tell you what they need.
  • Reassure an animal and help them overcome old traumas if they have been abused

But also…

  • Know his past if you want to adopt him.
  • Give leads on how to find a lost pet.
  • Know how they feel, if they are happy, what they need in their everyday life.
  • Know if, when they reach the end of their life, it is time for them to go.

Doing animal communication through La Voie de Yuki will help you deepen as well as improve the relationship with your rabbit. Animals are our best friends, let’s learn their language to get closer to them. I invite you if you feel the need to get in touch with Irinis, certainly one of the most beautiful experiences that can be done


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