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How to avoid hay waste?

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If you have a rabbit,  then logically you have a stockpile of hay ready to feed your little companion day after day. Hay is the basis of your rabbit’s diet, so it’s important to offer it to your rabbit every day and make sure he eats a certain amount.

However, rabbits can be picky eaters and hay is quickly wasted! So what is the solution to this? We have prepared an explanatory article to help you understand your companion and find practical solutions so that your rabbit wastes as little hay as possible!

Hay, an important part for your little companion

Hay is rich in fiber, so your rabbit strongly needs hay day after day to get a balanced diet. To make sure he eats this food, you need to get him used to it from the start, but you also need to choose it properly to provide a good food for your little companion.

Eating hay effectively helps your rabbit avoid digestive and dental problems, so you have to select this food carefully to make him want to eat it day after day.

But that’s not all, by making hay available all day, your rabbit will eat it to keep busy, this will prevent him from getting bored and showing behavioral problems.

So as you can understand, hay is essential for the health of your rabbit, but making it available is not always enough for it to meet with success with your ball of fur.

Why does your rabbit waste hay?

If you see that your rabbit is wasting his hay, you need to find the cause to react quickly and change this bad habit. Rabbits have taste just like any other animal, so it’s no wonder some are quite picky!

The first reason for wasting hay is simply the fact that your little friend takes the time to sort out each strand to eat the ones he likes best. This keeps him busy and allows him to eat what he likes.

However, your rabbit may sulk his hay because he hasn’t been used to eating it regularly, for example. It can also happen that he does not like the hay presented because it does not suit his taste or it is too dry because it is not well preserved.

Once you know why your rabbit wastes his hay, you can try different solutions!

How to avoid throwing away too much hay?

You should not let your rabbit waste hay without reacting. It will cost you money and your rabbit will not get the intake he needs from this essential daily food.

To overcome this, choose the right hay. Avoid getting a bottom end hay that won’t last long. Get a bag of quality hay that will please your rabbit, it should be fragrant and nice and green. Strands should be long and thick and most importantly your hay should not be dusty!

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Next, proceed in stages by feeding hay several times throughout the day. You can limit the amounts to avoid having the hay wasted and dried out throughout the day. When your ball of fur has finished his portion, you can give it a fresh new one!

Then, it’s up to you to try new experiments to get your little friend excited about his hay.

New ways to feed your rabbit hay

You can reinvent the way you feed your rabbit hay to offer new experiences. Chances are, he’ll be more receptive to a new method, and this can serve you well in getting him to eat a healthy dose of hay day after day without any difficulty.

You can try serving this food in a hay rack, in a bowl or even through toys. As an example, there are many hay-based toys available at your Rabbit’s Concept Store. This will be a more playful way for them to eat their hay.

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You can also try the rabbit hay bag. This solution is very practical to make hay available without wasting it.The ideal will be to install it above the litter box of your darling because you should know that your rabbit loves to poop while eating!!! 😉 Your hay will not be soiled and your rabbit will easily catch it to eat it all day long to avoid boredom. Moreover, this solution allows you to please yourself with original fabrics that will bring pretty colors in the environment of your little companion who will impatiently wait to see his hay bag filled day after day. So don’t hesitate to test it, you won’t regret it!

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