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Your rabbit’s medicine kit

Your rabbit’s medicine kit

s for us, our rabbit must have his own pharmacy kit. In the event of a problem, you must have all the necessary accessories on hand for first aid while waiting to visit your veterinarian.

It is clear that self-medication is absolutely discouraged only a professional can provide the healing care of your rabbit.


What does it take in your Rabbit’s pharmacy case?

(At home or when traveling, non-exhaustive list.)

  • The health record of your pet with all the necessary information, vaccines, diseases, weight. The name and contact information of the attending veterinarian.
  • Disinfectant : Biseptine, cleans and disinfects wounds, helps healing, does not sting.
  • Yellow Betadin, antiseptic, prevents infections.
  • Alcohol to disinfect utensils or thermometer.
  • Preferably sterile compresses to be applied to the wound.
  • Plaster to maintain the compress.
  • Syringes (without needles), I advise those of 1 ml which are more adapted to the administration of drugs (to be placed between the incisors and the premolars then to inject the medicine very slowly) and one of 10 ml for the force-feeding.
  • A pair of scissors with round ends to cut the hairs.
  • A pair of sharp scissors for more precise interventions but be careful, the skin of the rabbit being very thin and fragile be very vigilant with this kind of intervention!
  • A flexible digital thermometer + Vaseline-style lubricant to help the introduction into the anus of your rabbit. Be careful if this gesture seems difficult to you expect to be at your vet. The rabbit could move that would cause him internal injuries.

For information the body temperature of the rabbit is between 38.5 ° and 39.1 ° so consider that your rabbit will be feverish from 40 °.

  • Physiological saline to clean the flowing eyes.
  • A claw cut (be careful millimeter by millimeter, in case of bleeding must disinfect the nail and apply flour to stop the bleeding). Or you can enjoy a visit to your vet to make a little manicure to your rabbit. Mine does it for free 😉
  • A brush to remove dead hair, I advise the Foolee brush
  • Q-tip to cure places more difficult to reach.
  • Pull ticks as the name suggests, to remove the ticks.
  • A hot water bottle in case of hypothermia.
  • A towel to keep recalcitrant little rabbits

List of medications or dietary supplements useful for first aid

  • Feligastryl or Emeprid, oral treatment of digestive disorders due to hair absorption. (Stopping the transit)
  • Papaya brand Oxbow, treats made from dehydrated papaya and pineapple. The enzymes contained in these fruits contribute to the prevention of hairballs in the stomachs of our little rabbits.
  • Critical Care, dehydrated powder for herbivores, is used if your rabbit does not want to eat anymore. For feeding, add water to the powder, make a mash that will be given to the syringe. In this case, use a large syringe (without needle!) So as not to obstruct the tip.
  • Digestive Support of the brand Oxbow, dietary supplement containing long fibers and various to help support the digestive health of our companions.
  • Rodent Digest (probiotic, dietary supplement to regulate the digestive flora) in case of soft droppings.
  • Nervosyl against the stress of travel, travel visits to the veterinarian or in case of relationship problems.
  • Arnica (homeopathy) after surgery, shock, hematoma or fracture.

In conclusion, if the administration of these drugs is transformed into a wrestling session with your rabbit, know that it is possible to mix them with food, mashed liquid vegetables or fruit compotes (not the banana that constipates) . Unsweetened fruit juices mixed with water are also recommended in case of stopping transit (including pineapple and papaya) to force the rabbit to hydrate well.

But I can not say it enough, a rabbit who is prostrate, a rabbit who is no longer feeding or who does not make his poop is in pain, so the first reflex to have: CONTACT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ITS VETERINARY! Minutes matter!





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