10 best Christmas decoration ideas

Top 10 des idées déco pour Noël

Christmas is a good time to make beautiful decorations in your interior. Why would not the rabbit be the main theme for these holidays? For Christmas 2018 without bears or reindeer ! That rabbits invade our living rooms, our firs, that pretty candles come to illuminate our tables and why not fall back to childhood with the snowballs? I let you into the magic Bunny Christmas …

1-The piggy bank Gold and black Rabbit

Relive the charm of baroque with this fun piggy bank rabbit Klevering home. Realized in polyresin, the Gold Rabbit will bring to your interior an offbeat and playful way “cabinet of curiosities. This piggy bank is my big favorite. With its kitsch side but ultra trend at the same time, I am certain that this piece will find its place in your world. The quality of the modeling is striking of realism! You will love ! (The cap to recover the coins is under the rabbit)

See product information sheet:

Price: € 48.90

2Bunny Gold mug and plate

Bring an artistic touch to your home at Christmas with this Rory Dobner mug made of fine porcelain in 22 carat gold. All the charm and humor of England are represented in this mug adorned with an adorable little rabbit awkwardly fallen because of his ice skates. This mug will bring humor and elegance to your holiday meals. This piece was made and hand painted in England according to the wish of the artist.

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Price: the plate 38,90 € and the mug 28,50 €

3- The snow globe



Find thanks to this pretty snowball your child side. A touch of kitsch for this object that will remain forever timeless. Just shake it from time to time and the little white rabbit is under a thick layer of snow. A rabbit, water and glitter and time seems to bring us back to our fondest memories of childhood … So no hesitation the Klevering snow globe will serve both for the decoration of your home and press on your paper office. In any case, it is a beautiful gift idea to offer to those we love.

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Price: € 12.50

4- The white and golden porcelain rabbit

Quickly adopt this adorable little porcelain rabbit brand Klevering in your home. The little touch that makes her charm is her golden ears. Discreet and elegant this rabbit will easily find its place in your room or your living room. And for collectors, a piece of quality and more.

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Price: € 14.90

5- Suspension “La vie en Rose”


For all rabbit lovers, here is the decoration you need for your Christmas tree! This adorable little white rabbit resin can hang on the tree or a window handle. This suspension will end all the tenderness of decorating your house for the holidays.

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Price: € 8.80

6- Bunny rapper mug



Big favorite for this English artist and his very particular universe. Between humor “So British” and cabinet of curiosity, Rory Dobner leads us in his bestiary Black & White. A fine arts graduate from Chelsea, Rory Dobner exhibited all over the world, but it was at Maison & Objet in Paris that I discovered it. With a sense of detail and incredible delicacy, Rory has created a rabbit-themed line. Find the clumsy little bunny for Christmas or the rapper with his cap, it’s just too cute! All these pieces are made in England. Now enter the eccentric world of Rory Dobner …

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Price: € 28.50

7- The gold and silver rabbit candles

These adorable little golden and silver bunnies are candles that you can have everywhere in your home to have a soft light for the holiday season. They are housed in a bucket and will find their place in your decoration for Christmas or romantic meals. For all those who would like to make a table on the theme of the rabbit these candles are made for you!

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Price: € 14.90

8- The box of 6 rabbit suspensions

It was time for even your Christmas tree to be marked with your passion for rabbits. In this box, three different models of wooden rabbit, a total of six suspensions to decorate your home. For a more original Christmas, full of fantasy and tenderness.

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Price: € 14.90

9- The Bunny Zen Mug

For all rabbit lovers and zen attitude, this mug is for you! This Japanese style mug is made of fine porcelain. You will love it because its design is totally uncluttered, subtle lines in which appear a little rabbit. A pleasant grip thanks to the pompon that serves as a handle. With this cup, having tea or coffee in the morning will be a real treat. Its unique design makes it a playful cup and resolutely animal!

See the product information sheet:

Price: € 19.90

10- The Elvis candle

Bougie Elvis par Vivienne Maun


Exclusively realized by the Cabinet of Wax for Rabbits Concept Store according to an original design for this candle created by Vivienne Maun. You will find this candle only in the Rabbits Concept Store. Candle made in France.

See product information sheet:

Price: 20 €

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