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10 Best Gift Idea for your Rabbit

10 idées de cadeaux pour faire plaisir à son lapin pour Noël

Christmas is the time when we want to bring the most happiness to those we love. And why not spoil your bunny, since he is also a full member of the family?  Since we always want the best for them, here is a selection of products, whether it is a game, a treat or anything else. You’ll be able to found THE gift for your rabbit. Now it’s up to you to choose…

1- The Carrot Tree

We are always looking for games to keep our bunnies busy. This all sisal, straw and wood tree is a 100% edible activity for our long-eared companions. At first, they will be able to play with the carrots that are suspended and then you can also place some treats on the platform or simply their ration of greens or pellets.


Price: € 24.90

2- The Macaron Cushion


To make our rabbits’ naps the softest, I suggest this Macaron cushion. A real cloud of well-being to put at home to keep your rabbits warm. Lightweight, it is easy to carry and above all it is 100% cotton! Its original and cozy design will make it easy to integrate into your home.


price: 29,90 €

3- Chalk hay logs

As we all know, our lagomorph friends love to snack throughout the day, and I can guarantee that your rabbits will treat them to Crau hay logs. So instead of nibbling on the baseboards or the couch, here’s something to keep them occupied in a healthy way!


Price: € 7.60

4- The Shaking Pet

The Shacking pet is a toy that is used to stimulate our rabbits. By placing treats or pellets inside the Shaking Pet, your companions will have only one thought in mind, to eat them by all means! Instead of just eating out of the bowl, this toy will be a source of entertainment and activity for your little friend. All he has to do is roll the Shacking Pet around and the pellets will escape through the two openings. On this offer, a tasting bag is offered with the Shacking Pet, it is small pellets of the Burgess Excel brand. Composition: hay, dandelion, lucerne.


Price: € 8.90

5- The hay bag


This hay bag is a project that I really love because it was developed and made as a family. The fabric comes from England, it is printed to order in a superb quality cotton. This bag is very practical as it avoids wasting hay, everything is much cleaner and most importantly, by not placing the bag too high on the wall, your rabbit won’t twist its neck to eat its hay.


Price: $24.90

6- Herb and Vegetable Hearts

What happens when you give your rabbit a little heart?  One, he throws himself on it, two, you hear CRUNCH, CRUNCH and three, you see him enjoying himself, it’s only happiness! These vegetable and herb based treats are 100% natural and highly nutritional. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fiber in short a real moment of sharing with his companion.


Price: 7,50€

7- The Maya faux fur blanket



The first of many covers to come. You probably know my passion for faux fur so being an avid lover of their softness I decided to expand my line of blankets for the cooler days and evenings of our little darlings. This one is a delicate mouse grey with one side in grey faux fur and the other in grey satin as well.


Price: 24,90€

8- The Hay Carrot

This hand-woven carrot made of timothy hay is 100% natural. It is an edible game that will keep your pet busy. This carrot will encourage your rabbit to be more curious and will promote the consumption of fibers essential to its food balance. It will allow your rabbit to wear out its teeth and satisfy its need for gnawing in complete safety. This toy contains no pesticides, glue or thread.


Price: $8.50

9- Sticks Pell-mell

Here is a jumble of hazelnut wood sticks covered with dried flowers and herbs. A playful and greedy occupation for your rabbits. Which flavor will they choose first? Carrot? Parsley? Marigold flower? 😉 Finally something that your rabbits will be able to nibble freely 😉

Becareful! This product is a delicacy, in no case it replaces a balanced diet! It’s a bit like for us humans with cakes, once in a while but not every day 😉


Price: 5,90€

10- The Plantain Roll size XL

For the big food lovers, for the XL size rabbits, for the large families here is the XL plantain Roll. A fun and greedy activity that will keep your rabbits busy during your absence. Once the plantain is eaten, you can also put some hay inside. Your rabbits will be able to roll it, they will be able to nibble the wood in peace, a 100% natural and recyclable occupation!


Price : 11,90€

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