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10 Best Treats for Rabbits

Top 10 des gourmandises pour lapin

Because we are always looking for rabbit food of good quality here is a selection of 10 products and more particularly treats that will delight your rabbits. The main selection criteria are the absence of cereals (since they are not part of the nutritional regime of the domestic rabbit), no addition of fats or sugars. All products presented are made from hay, herbs, vegetables and flowers. It is good to specify that these treats are not a substitute for a balanced diet, your rabbit must have his daily ration of hay, greenery or extruded. These treats for rabbits should be a moment of sharing and conviviality with your companion, but do not overdo it, as for us humans with cakes! 😉 All these products were chosen according to their composition then tested by my 6 rabbits because it seems necessary to me to be able to observe their reactions, their craze before each delicacies before proposing them for sale in the Rabbits Concept Store. Remember to leave water available to your rabbit.

So if you are ready, good tasting!

1- Hearts with vegetables and herbs

What happens when we offer a little heart to his rabbit? Of one it is thrown on, of two one hears CRUNCH, CRUNCH and of three one sees it to feast, it is only happiness! These Rosewood rabbit treats made from vegetables and herbs are 100% natural and highly nutritional. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fibers in short a real moment of sharing with his companion.

See the product sheet: https://rabbits.world/produit/les-petits-coeurs/

Price: € 7.50

2- I love my hay cube

That I love this Rosewood brand cube filled with meadow hay and marigold flowers! A game / treat for rabbits fully edible and refillable. Your rabbits will love looking for the best strand thanks to the four heart-shaped openings. And once the cube is emptied you can fill it again with hay and if the urge takes from them your rabbits will be able to nibble the cube in all tranquility.

See the product sheet: https://rabbits.world/produit/cube-coeur-foin/

Price: € 14.50

3- Assortment of 6 muffins

A delicious dessert offered by the Rosewood brand for your rabbits made from flowers, vegetables and seeds. The muffin is a crunchy rabbit treat without cereals, 100% natural because we want the best for our rabbits. A batch includes 6 muffins: carrot, zucchini, parsnip, rose, marigold and blueberry flavor.

See the product card: https://rabbits.world/produit/assortment-six-muffins/

Price: 18 € the 6 muffins

4- Carrot-dill treats

Simple Rewards treats from Oxbox are a treat for your rabbits. 100% natural, no added sugar, a carrot / dill taste combined with Thimoty hay very rich in fiber. These rabbit treats are cooked and made with nutritious ingredients such as vegetables, herbs and hay rich in fiber. It is also a moment of pleasure and greed to share with your companion. These treats can enrich and vary the diet of your rabbit.

See the product sheet: https://rabbits.world/produit/carbon-canad-offers-oxbow/

Price: € 7.50

5- Crisp’n Crunch with celery

A food for our rabbits based solely on dried celery. It’s crisp, it’s full of flavor, that’s at least a little moment of pleasure that is guaranteed without preservatives or added fats, a real treat 100% natural. You can also add it to your rabbit’s hay or food.

See the product sheet: https://rabbits.world/produit/crispn-crunch-celeri/

Price: € 9.80

6- Mix of sticks

Here is a jumble of sticks of hazel wood covered with flowers and dried herbs. A playful and greedy occupation for your rabbits. Which perfume will they choose first? The carrot ? the Parsley? The marigold flower? A real treat for rabbits to nibble in moderation 😉

See the product sheet: https://rabbits.world/produit/les-sticks/

Price: € 5.90

7- The herbal swing

A suspension to keep your rabbit 100% natural. A branch of birch has been hollowed out and then stuffed with many herbs such as leaves and roots of dandelions, parsley, blackcurrant leaves, mint etc … In short, good things that your rabbits will love. In addition thanks to the chain, a small challenge will arise to your rabbit since he will have to try to eat inside while everything is moving! A playful and gastronomic game that will occupy your rabbits for a little while! And for the little trick, once the garnish eaten you can put hay instead.

See the product sheet: https://rabbits.world/produit/balancoire-aux-herbes/

Price: € 8.50

8- Freeze-dried strawberries

The Strawberry Rabbit Treats from Oxbow are 100% natural. Strawberries are freeze-dried at their maturity thus allowing to have a strawberry full of flavors. This treat does not contain any added sugar. A moment of gluttony and pleasure to share with your companion. Give 3 to 4 pieces a day.

See the product card: https://rabbits.world/produit/fraises-lyophilisees-oxbow/

Price: € 7.90

9- The Birch Roll size XL plantain

For the big gourmands, for size XL rabbits, for the large family here is the big Roll plantain. A playful and greedy activity that can keep your rabbits healthy during your absence. Your rabbits will be able to roll it, they will be able to tackle the wood in peace, a occupation 100% natural and recyclable! Once the plantain is eaten you can also put hay inside.

See the product sheet: https://rabbits.world/produit/roll-xl-plantain/

Price: € 11.90

10- Organics Barley Cookies

Parce que nos lapins sont d’incorrigibles gourmands, voici une gourmandise pour lapins saine et cuite, biologiquement certifiée. Cela vous garanti un biscuit de première qualité tout en prenant soin de notre environnement ;-). Ces friandises pour lapins sont créés à partir de foin de fruits et de légumes BIO. Fait à 100% d’ingrédients naturels, ces biscuits sont une source d’enrichissement pour votre animal.

Voir la fiche produit : https://rabbits.world/produit/biscuits-bio-oxbow/

Prix : 7,90€

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