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Top 10 100% Natural Treats

We all care about doing the best for our beloved rabbits, whether it affects their lifestyle or their diet.

The rabbit is a strict herbivore, so it is important to respect this diet. Indeed, only three elements are essential to him: hay, water and greenery. As we want to please them, many of us have already gave in many times by buying treats to our rabbits. But the word “treats” includes many foods that are not necessarily adapted to the needs of rabbits. So what can we give them?

We have developed a TOP 10 100% natural treats that you can give your rabbit without worrying if it will be good for your companion or not. Whether they are made of flowers, fruits, dried herbs or even hay, they will delight the taste buds of your darlings.

Be careful though. Although they are 100% natural, they should be given in moderate quantities. You will find under each treat or food sold on our website, “Rabbits scores“. But what is it? It’s a Nutri Score created by Rabbits World to help you, a rabbit roommate, get the best grasp on how much to give: daily, frequent, occasional, rare or never. Everything will be explained to you.

Treats can be given during taming, during play sessions (in digging mats for example) or just on Sunday morning for fun. No matter the reason, they will always be welcome in the bellies of our rabbits! However, it is important to always leave a bowl of fresh water available for your rabbit.

Enough talk, we leave you with our selection for the greatest pleasure of your ball of fur! 🙂

1-Floral Ice Cream

My bunnies, would you like to freshen up a bit? I am pleased to offer this hay and flower ice cream for your gustatory pleasure. In addition to being wonderfully aesthetic, this ice cream will delight your taste buds. You’ll find a hay/apple heart covered with a delicious floral topping that is slightly crunchy. I feel that you are already licking your lips… You are right, this ice cream made in France is the height of luxury and refinement because our rabbits deserve the best.

Ingredients: French hay, gala apple, marigold flowers and petals, chamomile, heather, rose and wooden stick (does not contain oats)

See product information sheet: https://rabbits.world/en/produit/floral-lollipop/

Rabbits World Nutriscore: Be careful even though this product is beautiful, it is considered a treat so don’t give the ice cream to your bunny all at once. Always draw out the pleasure! :-).

Price: 5,50€

2- Rabbit Gold

Since the choice of food is essential for the good health of your rabbits, I am very pleased to offer you a unique product. Rabbit Gold is a gourmet food supplement made with low-temperature dehydrated vegetables and turmeric. Finally, Ben’s Bunnies brand offers us a product that completely matches the nature of rabbits, which are strict herbivores! This food supplement is called “Rabbit Gold” for a reason. These are flakes with a high concentrate in fibers and vitamins. Therefore, if your rabbit is prone to GI stasis, Rabbit Gold can be given regularly at a rate of 3 or 4 flakes a week. It is important to know that the turmeric present at a rate of 0.3% is a powerful antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory of the digestive tract. Rabbit Gold is just a hyper healthy product, without cereals, without added sugars and which purpose is to reduce the health problems of our rabbits and also to satisfy the greediness of our long-eared companions in a healthy way. This food supplement is a wonder of flavor but it is also made to please your rabbit by providing him a food that respects his diet. Rabbit Gold is a nugget, a treasure. You should give it sparingly, 1 to 3 flakes up to 3 times a week is enough because this supplement is highly concentrated in vitamins and fibers. It is important to notice that each 45g bag contains 720g of fresh vegetables before dehydration!

See the product information sheet: https://rabbits.world/en/produit/rabbit-gold/

Rabbits World Nutriscore: Giving 1 to 3 flakes up to 3 times a week is enough as this supplement is highly concentrated in vitamins and fibers (wait until about the age of 5 months to start giving flakes to young rabbits)

Price: 14,50€

3- Floral Truffles

Since chocolate is forbidden for animals, I suggest a square of floral truffles for your rabbits. Subtlety and refinement are the two adjectives that best characterize these sweets made to please your rabbits’ palate. You will find a soft heart with hay and fresh apples under a floral coating made with chamomile, heather, marigold blueberry and rose. I feel that by reading this description, you are already licking your lips! Well no, these 100% natural and handcrafted treats are not for you! It is your darlings who will feast on them 😉

Ingredients: French hay, gala apple, marigold flowers, chamomile, heather, rose and cornflower (does not contain oats)

See product information sheet: https://rabbits.world/en/produit/flower-truffles/ 

Rabbits World Nutriscore: Be careful even though this product is wonderful, it is considered a treat so don’t give your bunny more than two truffles a week. Always draw out the pleasure! :-).

Price: 7,50€ the 4 truffles

4- Raspberry

At Rabbits World, rabbits are queens and kings 😉 When we want to offer our rabbit a refined and delicious food, well, we immediately think of raspberry. Raspberry is mainly eaten in July and August but so that you can offer it all year round, I suggest lyophilized raspberries. The lyophilization process allows the fruit to keep all its vitamins and minerals as well as its beautiful color. Thanks to this gentle process, about 80% of the vitamins and minerals are preserved. These raspberries contain no additives and are 100% natural foods. Raspberries are rich in vitamins B and C, which can have a positive effect on animal health. They are also rich in minerals, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron. In addition, raspberries contain fiber, which is very good for stimulating rabbits’ digestive system. Your darlings will love the little sour touch of lyophilized raspberries. You should also note that rabbits are particularly fond of their leaves. Since this product is a treat, do not give more than 2-3 fruits a week.

See the product sheet: https://rabbits.world/en/produit/lyophilized-raspberries/

Rabbits World Nutriscore: We want to please them all the time, but it’s also up to us to know how to dose the treats 🙂 Since raspberries are a high-sugar fruit, you can’t give your rabbit more than 2-3 fruits a week.

Price: 5,50€

5- Dandelion Roots

Dandelion roots have many properties, besides treating digestive disorders and problems related to loss of appetite, it is a great activity for our rabbits who often need to nibble. So instead of attacking the furniture or baseboards, they can wear out their teeth on delicious dandelion roots! Here is an additional activity for our dear companions that is 100% natural.

See the product information sheet: https://rabbits.world/en/produit/dandelion-roots/

Rabbits World Nutriscore: Roots are to be given occasionally to your rabbit. We advise you no more than 2 or 3 times a week, as dandelion roots contain calcium.

Price : 7,80€

6- Hay and Flower Hearts

How could we show our rabbit how much we love him? Well, we could give him delicious little hearts made with hay and flowers. The bag contains 4 little hearts with 4 different flavors. You will find a rose heart, one with cornflower, another one with marigold flower and finally the last one with heather flowers. Which flavor will your bunny prefer? 🙂 Anyway each heart is all natural and contains no added sugar or additives. I feel that you are already licking your lips… You are right, these French handmade hearts are the height of luxury and refinement because our rabbits deserve the best.

Ingredients: French hay, gala apple, marigold flowers, heather, rose and cornflower.

See product information sheet: https://rabbits.world/en/produit/hearts-hay-flowers/

Rabbits World Nutriscore: Be careful even though this product is beautiful, it is considered a treat so don’t give your bunny more than two hearts a week. Always draw out the pleasure! :-).

Price: 5,50€

7- Crau Hay Small Logs

As we all know, our lagomorph friends love to snack throughout the day, and I can guarantee that your rabbits will enjoy Crau hay small logs. So instead of nibbling at baseboards or the couch, here is something to keep them occupied in a healthy way! 😉

The pros of this treat:

  • 100% natural made from Crau hay PDO, no additives, free from preservatives or artificial colorings.
  • Treat Made in France.
  • Essential for the digestion of your rabbit
  • An intake of nutrients needed for good health (rich in calcium, beware of small rabbits who tend to have stones)
  • These small logs to nibble will keep your rabbits busy throughout the day.
  • Very easy to use, you will just have to put them in a cup, directly on the floor or in the hay rack.
  • Always leave a water bowl available for your rabbit or rodent.
  • The small log can last a week depending on whether your rabbit is a big eater or not 😉
  • Treat to be eaten in addition to a healthy diet. This is not a substitute for hay!

See product information sheet: https://rabbits.world/en/produit/crau-hay-logs/

Rabbits World Nutriscore: Small logs are a great way to keep your bunny busy. Being of rather large size, and rich in calcium, you should limit the quantities to 2 to 3 times a week 😉

Price: 7,60€

8- The Flower Garden

The Flower Garden

The flower garden is a mixture of herbs and flowers, this is a 100% natural food that can be given to your rabbit in peace since this mixture contains no sugar or fat. This mixture from the Hugro brand is a valuable food supplement that you can mix with your companion’s hay.

Ingredients: cornflower, marigold flowers, chamomile flowers, red clover flowers, hibiscus flowers, roses and sunflower.

See product information sheet: https://rabbits.world/en/produit/the-flower-garden/

Rabbits World Nutriscore: These dried flowers can be given to your rabbit on a regular basis. Nothing better to add a little flavor to his hay, or even his greens ration! A little pinch, and your rabbit will be satisfied!

Price : 5,50€

9- The Birch Roll size XL with Plantain

For food lovers, for rabbits size XL, for large families here is the big Plantain Roll. A fun and gourmet activity that can keep your rabbits healthily occupied while you are away. Your rabbits will be able to roll it, and to attack the wood in peace, it is a 100% natural and reusable activity! Once the plantain has been eaten you can put some hay inside.

See the product information sheet: https://rabbits.world/en/produit/birch-roll-size-xl-plantain/

Rabbits World Nutriscore: This roll allows you to combine both a natural and renewable activity by filling it again, with organic hay from Normandy for example, as soon as this one is emptied from the plantain that accompanies it! This roll is rich in calcium, thus you will have to make sure to dose the quantities to 3-4 times a week for rabbits prone to stones.

Price: 11,90€

10- The Multicolor Cake

Is it your darling’s birthday soon? Don’t you know what to get him? Well, because our rabbits are the dearest thing in our hearts, I’m offering you a birthday cake of rare beauty. In addition to being beautiful, it is tasty. It is 100% handcrafted and Made in France. Many hours of creation have been necessary to obtain this marvel. It is composed of 3 layers with a wooden stick inside to get this effect. This cake is made with gala apples, French meadow hay, cornflower and dehydrated heather. It will be delivered in a pretty white cardboard box with an orange ribbon around it. The birthday of our rabbits being a memorable moment that we must engrave forever, this cake will be for him the symbol of all your love. And for a rabbit, love means… a delicious treat because let’s not forget that they are big eaters 😉 So the best way to please them is to please their taste buds of fine food lovers!

Ingredients: French meadow hay, gala apples, cornflower and heather flowers (does not contain oats)

See the product information sheet: https://rabbits.world/en/produit/multicolor-birthday-cake/

Rabbits World Nutriscore: Beware this cake being a sweet treat, it is obvious that it should not be given in its entirety to your bunny (or just for the picture) 😉 One or two small pieces per week no more.

Price: 14,00€


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As a child, while some of my friends were asking their parents for a little brother or sister, I was already asking for a rabbit. Without really knowing why, I have always been passionate about this animal. I spent a large part of my life with one or more of these wonderful little animals, accumulating as much information and knowledge about them as possible, until I became, in 2019, president of an association specialized in their protection. Currently mother of a Schoko d'amour, I continue to refine and update my knowledge in order to share quality information with you, so that you too can cherish your garenne as it deserves!

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